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January 22, 2015

How to Depreciate a Neighborhood

Making money on blight from the inside

What began in December as a hastily called community meeting on the East side in lower Germantown has gone viral in many ways, but may have opened a Pandora’s Box of prior manipulative political city chicanery and intentional neglect in the process.  I have long called these tactics the creating of blight by intent, and everyone who has any time in the neighborhood knows that neglect of properties that had city control over the last 20 plus years through the very entities that the city had financed, is where most of the blight is concentrated.

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Property, Power and Politics

The Ugliest of All Philadelphia Stories

Can any process controlled by a corrupt government be more damaging to the faith of good citizens and the quality of life of communities than when elected and appointed officials misuse their power and the public’s money in the quest to control real estate, and convert it for the purpose of preventing a neighborhood from progressing, or worse, turning it blighted and keeping it there so public funds can be milked from it for decades, benefitting the few at the expense of the many?

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Councilwoman Bass Addresses Germantown YWCA Issue

A message from Councilwoman Cindy Bass.

Redeveloping Germantown by reducing the number of blighted properties and bringing a diverse number of housing and business opportunities for residents has always been my goal.

There are a number of organizations providing Senior Housing throughout the 8th district, and I am grateful for their dedication to our aging community. But, at this time, we must look to diversify our housing options and our commercial corridors. I look forward to having an open and honest dialogue about what will happen in this community in the weeks and months ahead.

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An accelerated process has been started to decide what will happen to the long-neglected YWCA building on Germantown Avenue near Chelten and adjacent to Vernon Park.  A well-attended meeting last night at FUMCOG brought forth some information that has long been kept from the public, but much more needs to be learned before decisions are made.

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January 8, 2015

The Not So Democratic Philadelphia Democratic Party

There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that young progressive Democrats are organizing. The Philadelphia Democratic Progressive Caucus has the potential to become a real force in the Democratic Party and Joe Driscoll’s recent efforts to organize committeepeople is another potential game changer. He has begun with a Facebook group which he describes as:

This is a group for committee people of the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee. Members may invite elected or appointed Democratic committee people only. It's a forum for committee people throughout Philadelphia to communicate and share ideas.

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The Other Mt. Airy in 19119

Scoop U.S.A. Co-Sponsored East Mt. Airy Neighbors(EMAN) / West Mt. Airy Neighbors(WMAN) Community Meeting, on December 3, 2014, regarding the “up-tick” of Crime in East Mount Airy/West Mount Airy Sections of Northwest Philadelphia

I attend this type of meeting, at least, twice a year given by these two City Government Sanctioned Civic Organizations. The usual speakers are in attendance at this meetings which begins with the recognition of the, “Movers and Shakers,” of Northwest Philadelphia. After which, it is noted by the meetings Moderator cheerfully that, “we live in beautiful Mt. Airy, one of the best, as well as, diversified neighborhoods in all of Philadelphia”. Then the Moderator for the evening introduces the present Executive Officers of EMAN, WMAN, MUSA, MBD, the 14th District Police Captain and our community’s Elected Officials.

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Troubled Governance: Neglect at Every Level

National Neglect

Underscored with intensity in Paris on January 7th is how the long standing process of rationalizing the effect of international terrorism, religious or otherwise, has become the practice du jour of nations; ourselves included.

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The Negligence Quotient

Some full disclosure for our readers.  This April the newspaper and interactive web pages we publish and provide will celebrate its 6th year of operation serving Northwest Philadelphia and others.  Our focus in this city is those who have an above average interest in a perspective that makes it perfectly clear that the citizens are tolerating a substandard government here and in the state of Pennsylvania as well.

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Supreme Court Clarifies Danger of Council Inaction on PGW

By Matt Wolfe

The state Supreme Court recently came down with an unsurprising ruling that the Municipal Tort Claims Act is constitutional. This is the statute that states that most municipalities are only liable for $500,000.00 for any negligent act. I worked with this statute often when I served as a Deputy Attorney General.

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December 18, 2014

Nutter Nonsense

On December 4, 2014,  the people of Philadelphia were treated to a prominently published commentary in the editorial pages of the Philadelphia Inquirer entitled “Benchmarks for Mayoral Candidates.”

This self-promoting puff piece by our currently serving Mayor Michael Nutter is a sophomoric, romantic, but largely falsified remembrance of what our lame duck mayor may have wished he had accomplished, but it is Nutter Nonsense.

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Two Priests…. and a Missing Parishioner

by Sabina Clarke

The disappearance of Westchester University senior Shane Montgomery, a member of St. John the Baptist Church in Manayunk, has shaken and confounded the FBI, the Fifth District Police, the Northwest Detectives, the Police Marine Unit, the Police Canine Unit, and the Aviation Unit –all agencies assigned to the case.

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Major Germantown Developments Generate Community Resistance

Two Germantown development projects, one under development and one proposed, have generated community push-back that runs to our City Council Office and is illustrative of the lack of confidence concerned neighbors have with process in their community. A major rehab of a multi-story former commercial facility on the 5300 block of Germantown Avenue was first believed to be a development of market rate apartments and a coffee shop, but now is caught up in controversy with how a special exception category in our recently revised zoning code allowed it to be converted and developed outside of the zoning and variance process with no prior public disclosure of intent or purpose.

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Political and Judicial Arrogance on Center Stage

Egos and Invincibility rule.

There has only been one serious political reform movement in the City of Philadelphia in the last 150 years and that only came about after some intense investigations, grand juries, indictments, convictions and suicides by four city leaders.  Although that process was begun in the later 1930s, it was postponed during World War 2, and resumed thereafter.  After many convictions and press reporting the election of 1950 was the only significant one time game changer in the city long characterized as “Corrupt but Contented”.

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Representative Rosita Youngblood:

Representing the People, Not the Party

Since 1994 Rosita Youngblood has represented Pennsylvania’s 198th Legislative District that has been configured so that it contained parts of Nicetown, Germantown, Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill, Modified and reconfigured through the years, there has been no shortage of controversy here for those who know what has transpired below the surface.

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Councilwoman Bass Opens District Office with Expanded Focus

A recent meeting with Councilwoman Cindy Bass focused on three primary directions she has implemented recently.  They include new staffing, a new district office, and prioritizing community concerns.

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A Message to All Elected Officials

For those of you who participate in the governmental structure of the City of Philadelphia and the party process that reportedly represents 88% of the registered voters, this should be a moment where one makes a serious assessment on where they stand, and where they want to stand, as we wind our way toward another primary election, that we all know is in effect the general election.

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