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Germantown Restoration CDC Mimics Germantown Settlement Failures

Accountant indicted in major fraud

If you regularly read the pages of this newspaper, you are well aware of the fact that we have focused on the community of Germantown and the political/developer/contributor establishment that has both neglected and profited from it over the years.  Our first issues five years ago printed a series on how a social service organization run by Quakers was taken over by Emanuel Freeman and his associates with grandiose plans they sold the community that Germantown would be turned into a model of aggressive urban planning, mixed with a safe and successful society built on the self-supporting track record of one of the nation’s oldest and most respected communities.

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Nov. 22

Alice Michelle Goodwin (nee Courtney) of West Germantown lost her long battle with cancer and passed away on September 3, 2013 at age 56. She is survived by her beloved partner and soulmate, Francis J. Markey IIl, who was privileged to have shared 18 wonderful years with her.

    She is sadly missed by her sister, Carol Courtney Gault, and by the Markey and Bennett families. She was predeceased by her son, Christopher Goodwin, in 1994, her mother, Agnes Courtney, in 1992 and her father, Theodore Courtney, in 1990.

    A celebration of Alice's life will be held on Friday, November 29, 2013 at Koller Funeral Home, 6835 Ridge Avenue, at 7 pm, followed by a funeral service at 

8 pm. There will also be a celebration/reception on Sunday, December 1, from 4-6 pm at her home.

    In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to the cancer research organization of your choice.

Appreciating the Legacy of JFK…

Part One: Exclusive Interview with Author David Talbot

by Sabina Clarke

Brothers...The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, a  2007 New York Times bestseller   by journalist David Talbot on  Kennedy’s  “beleaguered and heroic presidency,”  preserves a slice of history  that otherwise might have been lost  to us forever. 

Based on extensive research, recently declassified government documents and interviews with Kennedy administration insiders, friends and family members, Talbot weaves a gripping narrative from the perspective of Bobby Kennedy and reveals his clandestine quest to track down JFK’s killers before he was assassinated.


Appreciating the Legacy of JFK…

Part Two: Exclusive Interview with Author David Talbot

By Sabina Clarke

SC  I was bothered by the way Bobby Kennedy treated Mort Sahl and attorney Jim Garrison who were trying to find out who the people were that killed his brother.

DT   I agree with you. There were lots of unpleasant things about Bobby Kennedy. Not only as a younger man when he gets the reputation for being ruthless during the McCarthy Hearings but even when he’s older and grappling with the assassination. He’s a flawed man- a weak man in some ways.



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April 5

Affordable Care Act is a Bi-Partisan Fraud

What should have been learned by everyone by now, is that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a 100% failure and a political fraud. It is a bizarre patchwork of manipulative marketing language with so many exemptions and adaptions that it has done the exact opposite of what it was propagandized to be providing.  After all the fits and starts, we learn that not only does it increase rather than decrease the cost of health care for most, it does not insure the majority of the uninsured, but only transfers the insurance of a large group from one option to another.

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The Democratic Race for Governor

by Victoria A. Brownworth

On March 27 Jack Wagner, former state Auditor General, dropped out of the race for governor. I’m not sure anyone noticed since Wagner had only joined the race in February. He had previously run in 2010. Wagner leaving culled the field of any Western PA Democrats running to unseat incumbent Tom Corbett.

The four remaining Democratic candidates (there are also third party candidates running) are unfamiliar to most Philadelphians which is a problem considering the primary is little more than a month away.

Tom Wolf, a businessman and former Secretary of Revenue under Ed Rendell, is a York native and currently has a massive lead in the polls over the other candidates, in part because he’s been running ads since January because he can afford them.

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March 28

Inquirer Breaks the Code

At this point the outrageous story of newly minted State Attorney General taking on the character of a most defiant 19th Century political boss and then getting crosswise with a big city District Attorney has been reverberating through Philadelphia for more than a week and threatens to go national - - as it should.

Pennsylvania’s first female Attorney General squares off with Philadelphia’s first black District Attorney and the food fight twists and turns through every dark political corridor one can imagine with shouts of racism punctuating a litany of excuses why a long standing well-structured state investigation should be buried after at least four serving elected officials are on tape taking money in violation of standing law.

So “What’s new” say many in the city where “Vote early and vote often” is not just joke, but a fact in many divisions, where there has not been a minority party inspector in attendance in 20 years and “insurance votes” are a matter of fact.

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March 22

York County Proves You Can Beat Machine Politics

In an election that should be national news and reassurance to all that grass roots politics can shut down the massively corrupt self-serving machines that run our government from Washington on down, a write in candidate won in a significant upset against the entrenched “old boy network” in nearby York County Pennsylvania.

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Selective Law Enforcement.

Is the Coverup Worse Than the Crime?

Converging issues in the last few weeks, merged with some from the last few months and the last few years should raise the temperature of the electorate as we race toward primary elections; which for many in this city with virtually a one party government, are the only elections.

With so many elected officials as incumbents, and the others being the recipients of endorsements or “guaranteed victories” the question for the average voter could legitimately be: “How many times has this person escaped investigation or prosecution” since the political machine, right up through Harrisburg and Washington, seems to put the brakes on investigations so easily when they are about to come close to those currently or previously in office.

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March 18

Mary A. Short Passes;

First Ordained Woman of Mt Zion Baptist Church of Holmesburg

Mary A. Foster, 79, of Philadelphia, an active until her death of Mt Zion Baptist Church of Holmesburg, died Thursday, March 6th of cancer.  Retired, Mrs. Short worked for 30 years as a secretary for the Philadelphia Board of Education.

Born on April 21, 1934, in Jacksonville, Florida, she attended the Cookman Elementary School and graduated from Stanton High School there in 1952. Immediately after graduation, Mrs. Short relocated to Philadelphia, PA where she enrolled in Temple University Extension School for further study.

In 1958, Mrs. Short married the late Albert L. Short.  Their marriage continued for 23 years.  Both were more than willing to accept family responsibility, they raised Mrs. Short’s three younger sisters, Dorothy, Haven, and Naomi after the tragic deaths of her parents.

Naomi Yvonne Foster Adams, orphaned at 3 and the youngest sister, said she regarded, “Mary as my Mother. I embraced her as a strong moral figure guiding me through my formative years.”

After the responsibilities of her sisters, maintaining a home, and working for the school district ended, Mrs. Short did not stop.  She continued her education attending Manna Bible School. Always an active member of a church from an early age, she enrolled in their degree program and graduated in May 1992. Not finished yet, Mrs. Short continued her seminary studies and was ordained as Reverend Short in May 2005.

Mrs. Short’s strong religious beliefs were matched by her attachment to and care of family. Whenever there was any family gathering, she was always there front and center spreading warmth.

Mrs. Short is survived by Rose Marie Foster, Dorothy MJ Foster, Haven Anne Foster, Naomi Yvonne Adams (Eugene). Grandchildren Nakea Marie Fuller (Jerry), Naomi Edvige Adams, Nicholas Eugene Adams, Deshon Lavender and Bobby Foster.  Great- grandchildren Aleea Naomi Fuller, Madison Louise Fuller & Allison Marie Fuller, and host of relatives and friends.

 Services will be held on Saturday, March 22, 2014, at Mt Zion Baptist Church of Holmesburg, 8101 Erdrick Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19136. The viewing will be from 9 -11 AM with church service beginnining at 11AM.

Funeral arrangements will be handled by Nix Funeral Home, 1621 West Dauphin Street, Philadelphia, PA 19132, and 215-229-3932.

Interment will immediately follow the services at White Chapel Cemetery.

March 10

Who Really Runs Philadelphia

and Plans to Run Pennsylvania

For those who may have interest, this is a summary of the subject matter for discussion on the call-in radio show The Independent Voice, on am radio 900 every Sunday night.

A major subject of our last program was to relate a story about two of the most powerful men in the history of the United States, how they controlled politicians and bent the law to the breaking point.  Ironically both of them lived in the same Philadelphia Mt Airy neighborhood and ran their empires from Philadelphia.  Frank Gowen is long dead, and the federal government broke up his monopoly, but David L. Cohen is very much with us, running Philadelphia from behind the curtain (like the Wizard), influencing the outcomes of elections from the President on down, but unlike Mr. Gowen, this one actually controls and expands his empire through actions of the Justice Department Anti-Trust division by getting exemptions from the very same kind of monopolistic practices that caused Gowen’s downfall.

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Where Are the Police

by Victoria A. Brownworth

The helicopter buzzed my house for 20 minutes on the morning of Feb.20. It’s hardly the first time. New Year’s Day a man police were searching for detoured through my yard. He’d just broken into my neighbors’ house, grabbing one of their young daughters and ripping her Christmas iPad literally out of her hands as he put his hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t scream. Fortunately, she was only robbed. But she was sitting on her living room sofa. Let's not pretend her sense of safety wasn't violated.

I was violated at my home as well.

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February 28

A Tale of Two Monopolies

History has repeated itself in Philadelphia with respect to how two very powerful men can fully control a huge segment of the economy and influence political decisions at the highest level for their own gain.  With incredible irony, both of those men lived unassumingly in the bucolic Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, ran their corporate entities from this city, and controlled city, state and federal politicians at the highest levels.

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The Need to Know Who You Are

In order to oppress a race or ethnic group and condition them to hate themselves, you must steal their identity by removing them from history and make them believe that their ancestors were weak, made no contributions to civilization and were unintelligent and unworthy of study. 

When a race or ethnic group is deprived of its history and culture it results in identity confusion. As part of the humanities, history helps us understand what it means to be a human being. The story of your past helps most individuals and ethnic groups to realize, accept,  appreciate, love and be proud of who you are and defines your identity.

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February 20

We first ran this story on vandalism at the Quaker meetinghouse in Chestnut Hill last year. Recent developments with the Ironworkers union

hit the media in several places.



Attention: Food Service Management Companies

The Belmont Academy and Belmont Charter School is requesting proposals for school food service management services. The Food Service Management Company will provide management services according to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations and guidelines, as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Education policies and guidelines.

Food Service Management Companies and/or their representatives may submit proposals to:

Belmont Academy Charter School

Administrative Office

1630 Locust Street

Floor 3

Philadelphia, PA 19103

The Belmont Academy Charter School’s Board of Education reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all proposals or to accept the proposal that it finds, in its sole discretion, to be in the best interest of the school district.

A walk-through meeting is scheduled for April 9, 2014 at 2:30pm at 907 N. 41st Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. All questions should be submitted via email prior to the walk-through to

All proposals must be submitted no later than 10am on April 25, 2014. All proposals should be delivered in a sealed envelope and addressed to the Belmont Academy Charter School Administrative Office and clearly marked: Food Service Management Proposal.

Wissahickon Charter School

Attention: Food Service Management Companies (FSMC)

The Wissahickon Charter School is requesting proposals for school food management services. The FSMC will provide management services according to USDA regulations and guidelines, as well as Pennsylvania Department of Education policies and guidelines.

FSMC and/or their representatives may submit proposals to:

Wissahickon Charter School

C/O Jamal Elliott

4700 G Wissahickon Avenue

Phila, PA 19144

The Wissahickon Charter School Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to accept the proposal to be in the best interest of the school.

A walk-through meeting is scheduled for April 2, 2014 at 3:30pm at the above address. All  proposals must be submitted no later than 3:30pm on April 11, 2014 and delivered in a sealed envelope to Wissahickon Charter School, clearly marked : FSMC Proposal.

Noteworthy Reads

Rev. Dr. Mark Tyler, Pastor of Mother Bethel AME Church in Philadelphia

Bishop Richard Allen's

Living Legacy in American History

February 20, 2014 • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

“I was born in the year of our Lord 1760, on February 14th, a slave to Benjamin Chew, of Philadelphia.” - Excerpt from Bishop Richard Allen's autobiography.

Join us for a presentation on the importance of Richard Allen's carving out a space for Black independence, and independent Black churches in America and abroad. African Methodist Episcopal buildings were important places in apartheid South Africa, and gave Blacks the freedom to organize resistance from slavery in America. They were more than just places to worship and socialize, they were in many cases indispensable to the freedom movement.

Visit the Mother Bethel AME website at to learn more.

Women’s Business Development

Center Has Online Training Classes

New 6-week sessions begin monthly

These courses are ideal for existing or aspiring entrepreneurs and their employees

Choose from over 45 courses in the following categories:

* Start Your Own Business * Accounting & Finance * Business Communication * Web Technology * Management & Leadership * Marketing & Sales

* Non-Profit & Grant Writing

Cost:  $99.00 per course

Date: New sessions begin

January 15, 2014

February 19, 2014

March 19, 2014

To view the complete catalog and to enroll, visit

For more information call: (215) 790-WBDC (9232) or email or visit

McCarter town hall meeting to focus on education, environment

State Rep. Steve McCarter, D-Montgomery/Phila., will hold a town hall meeting focusing on education and the environment from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 16 at the La Mott Community Center, 7420 Sycamore Ave., La Mott.

“It’s always a valuable experience when I’m able to come together with members of the community and discuss the issues that they feel most affect them,” McCarter said. “I look forward to discussing what’s on the table in Harrisburg and how it will impact our communities.”

Residents are asked to RSVP at McCarter’s website,

Examining Philadelphia's Opportunity Gap: African Americans and Education

 In honor of Black History Month, join us at Stenton on February 15th at 1:00PM to discuss the history of the School District of Philadelphia and how it has affected the African American Community. Featuring historian Erika Kitzmiller, we will examine the Philadelphia School District from its humble beginnings in the mid-nineteenth century, to its current strengths and challenges in the twenty-first century, we will examine how government policies and changing demographics have contributed to the evolution of education in Philadelphia, and how we might think about the future of public education. Program is Free, RSVP requested. Please call 215-329-7312 or email

Independent Voice radio show

You may want to listen to this one minute preview of the one hour talk show Jim Foster moderates. Radio station WURD 900 AM broadcasts the show on Sunday evenings from 7 to 8 pm. It can be heard on line and through your phone as well; Google WURD 900 AM. Jim will be taking calls starting this week and interviewing guests on future programs.

Independent Voice Promo

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Comfy 2 Bedroom, 1st Floor Apt ($600)

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Cozy Studio ($425).

Off Broad & Erie, near Temple Hospital.

All monthly rent + gas and electric. First month & Security required.

Call Fred at 215-844-6592